Travel enthusiast? Try out these 5 exciting projects for remote entrepreneurs

15. Červenec 2017

Since remote work is becoming more and more widespread, we are witnessing a growing number of initiatives set up with the aim of uniting young entrepreneurs with globetrotting mindset. May it be online communities, apps or actual retreats and camps, once becoming a member, you can benefit from meeting like-minded peers, creating deeper business (and personal!) relationships, getting the tools and know-how necessary to stay sane and thrive as a digital nomad or simply getting inspired to set off a journey yourself. Which 5 super exciting projects all over the world do we recommend to give a try?

1. Nomad Soulmates inspire you to date remotely!

Nomad Soulmates is an online dating app for digital nomads, travellers and remote entrepreneurs. Aline Dahmen, the app’s founder, has shared her story with us. „I was in a relationship but our values have drifted apart as time has passed. I wanted to travel, immerse myself into the world, start my own business and live a location independent lifestyle. Since that was not what he wanted, we mutually decided to pursue our dreams and try make a long distance relationship work. Which, if you tried by yourself, has not been a piece of cake, and let to a inevitable breakup,” Aline opens up, “as the time went on, I realized I wasn’t the only one with such experience. There was this conference in Bali that went to and was faced with so many stories of travelling entrepreneurs having to decide between keeping the relationship work or pursing their dreams.” A creative 23-year-old German started searching for apps, websites and communities that would unite individuals with similar mindset. “There was none!” – so she decided to make one happen herself. „I started off with a Facebook group to gather people’s opinions and feedback. Shortly afterwards, we have already been a community of 4000 travelling entrepreneurs and people have been so supportive. I had no other choice but to start the app,” Dahmen says jokingly.

Photo Credit: Aline Dahmen

The first version of Nomad Soulmates website is up and Dahmen has plenty of work to do. Her vision is to develop an app, too, and launch it worldwide. Since she is by nature very positive, hardworking and lively person, we were curious if there was something she struggles with. “There’s always something! Nomad Soulmates is a very ambitious project and I keep thinking to myself: Why should I feel compelled to do such big task? Isn’t it too big of a bite for one tiny person? Me and worldwide dating app?, but everyone has such thoughts, it is nothing that should stop you from doing it anyway. The truth is, no one else started such project so it is me who is the most likely to succeed!” No argument there!

2. Remote Year

Remote Year is a project open for everyone who has a remote job (or is willing to find one) and wants to see the world as a part of 50-80 remote professionals, get inspired by different locations all over the world and deepen the knowledge and skills in their field. Participants visit 12 countries (Prague, where is seated, included!) in 12 months. Think of Remote Year as a form of ever-moving mastermind group which has nothing to worry about, since it is provided with accommodation, coworking places and mentors in each and every location.

Photo Credit: Photo: Remote Year FB

3. Refuga – Everest Base Camp

Refuga organizes expeditions focused on networking and personal growth. Its quite similar concept as the two above mentioned – it too aims to unite proactive and likeminded professionals from all around the world, but perhaps in more adventurous and les work related way. One of their flagships is Everest Base Camp, which promises its participants not only to dig deep and overcome themselves by climbing the Mount Everest, but also to get to know Nepal’s capital, its culture and locals, work from the first coworking space in Nepal, meet its founder and simply breathe in this unique experience! The added value for the participants is to understand the complexity of the world better and one’s place in it.

Photo Credit: Refuga – Everest Base Camp


Travelling project VOYAGE is a sort of business incubator. It consists of 14 days of workshops, coaching, building a network of international and direct sales contacts, mentoring, multicultural sharing, masterminding, travelling, yachting and team building. Voyage provides participants to meet up with well-known entrepreneurs (including boat captain Saulis Šukaitis – a manager, lecturer and international media and marketing expert) as well as take part in challenges and projects along the journey. Its suitable for more experienced professionals rather than complete beginners, as you are asked to share your know-how, tools and strategies with others.

Photo Credit: Voyage FB

5. Project GETAWAY

Project GETAWAY is interesting addition to our little list, since it is an NGO initiative for everyone who’s seeking to combine travelling, business and working for a cause. It usually takes place in a group of 20 people living and working together, attending workshops, business seminars and fun activities in one location for a month. Location alternates – this October, the GETAWAY event takes place in Bali.

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