Příspěvek „Winwinwin: „Customers MUST buy, which makes the EET process such great chance for salespeople”“ je chráněn heslem Winwinwin: „Customers MUST buy, which makes the EET process such great chance for salespeople”

17. Leden 2017

A dream of every salesperson is to have customers who are not only willing to buy, but really MUST buy. “In sales, you usually need to create the necessity first, and then, maybe, the customer will buy. The EET process is such unique exception to this rule,” Co-Founder of winwinwin Werner Kaiser says. “The Czech law reinforces are all sorts of merchants, such as restaurant owners, retailers etc. to buy a cashier within a certain time frame. We as winwinwin therefore collaborated with EET1, the only company with experience in this process, who has successfully participated on such process in Croatia 4 years ago. The Czech market is 10 times bigger, so imagine the opportunity for salespeople and entrepreneurs who join us today.”


“Contrary to what the media present, the EET process is a positive thing. For everyone”

The EET process raises many questions. You have the experience from Croatia 4 years ago which makes you the only experienced actor on the Czech market today. How did it look like then?

Klaus Hornitschek: People were even more negative than here. Of course, they did not want to implement something the state is dictating, and those who were not prepared on time got penalized right away. Most popular restaurants were closed in the middle of the summer season when Croatia is full of tourists. However, in the end, the mood turned positive – you know why? Everyone realized the EET created fair play on the market.

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Klaus Hornitschek, Tihomir Mijailović and Werner Kaiser. Klaus participated on Croatian EET process with his company Fiskal One, and had around 48 % of the market share, which allowed him to transfer his know-how and establish EET1 in the Czech Rep.

“If there is necessity to buy, at least buy a product with added value”

What are the main differences between the Czech and Croatian market?

Klaus: First, very big difference is that nobody is getting penalized so far for not implementing EET on time. What we also see here is that many merchants are not prepared yet and do not think the EET process is real.

Tihomir Mijailović: Second difference is that prices and prices only, matter to Czech buyers. They are not really looking at cashier’s features and go for the cheapest solution. That we know from experience is not good, since they will have to work with the cashier for a long time. If they need to buy, at least they should buy something with added value.

“Data protection is a huge issue not really discussed among the Czech media”

You mentioned added value. So what is the added value of EET1, the cashier winwinwin salespeople sell?

Werner: Our cashier is developed by the company who developed cashiers for McDonalds’, and with its 400 employees maintains them worldwide, which provides us with strong support in the background of our applications. There is a call center available 24/7.

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Klaus: There is a possibility of selling e-goods through our cashier, such as travel insurance, lottery, cinema tickets etc., which gives merchants possibility of additional income.

Our platform is based on Microsoft Azur Cloud, which is very important for the end user since it keeps data safe for 11 years, more than the Czech law reinforces. Why are we saying this? There are pretty strict rules when it comes to data protection, which in the end can hurt the end user – the merchant who buys certain EET solution without having data protection regulated, is facing a risk up to 10 million CZK penalty as a private person and 20 million as a company. When the new EU law comes into force in May 2018, it will go up to 20 million Euro + criminal charges

We give possibility to our clients, who already have their existing hardware, to buy our software + printer separately (it runs on Windows, Android and iOX),

Also, we offer to our clients our MPOS device which has probably the cheapest rate on the market when we speak about credit card transaction payments (0,99 % per transaction).

It works remotely, so the cashier owner can make decisions or check what is going on via Internet from anywhere in the world.


“In June 2018, the EET process is over. And what shall the salespeople do? We have taken this into account and created long term residual income”

Sounds like we have just gathered many unique selling propositions for salespersons. Speaking of which, what can winwinwin, as a company, offer to those who would want to join?

Werner: Training and support for all our salespeople through both online and offline workshops. We understand that understanding the client’s situation, being able to relate to their problems is crucial for success, and therefore we have developed an Online training center/Academy, which provides all necessary information to get started and to create powerful results. Merchants have questions and our salespeople have to be ready to answer.

What else?

Werner: The most important thing is the compensation plan for salespeople we came up with. In June 2018, the EET process is finished and therefore it was crucial for us from the beginning to offer our people something that allows them to have a sustainable income after the process is done. This is the main difference between us and all the other companies, as none of them offers this.

Also, our salespeople can sell MPOS and POS devices (payment terminals) with the cheapest monthly fee on the market and possibly the best rate per transaction (0,99 %).


Ready for this opportunity? Join the online academy and start building your future now.

How is the routine of a salesperson going to look like?

Tihomir: It is important for us that the salesperson not only sells the solution, but also really helps the merchant. Offers to install the device, shows them how to use it, becomes their consultant. That is why we build an online platform where they can educate themselves through video tutorials, test their knowledge and also consult everything with us in person through workshops and mentoring.

“Around 480 000 customers need to buy and somebody needs to serve them. Why not you?”

Who are you looking for?

Goals of each one of them can be different; those who are willing to work hard and have fun at the same time are welcome with open arms.

Winwinwin’s vision is to grow throughout Europe, as other countries such as Poland and Germany are talking about adopting EET, too. “Unlike our competitors here in the Czech Republic who have other products and services and participate on the EET only because of this unique opportunity, this is our main business. So wherever in Europe the EET process occurs, we will most probably be, too,” Werner says.

Photos: Josef Gregor

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